Music Moment: Boris, “Kanau (Parts 1 & 2)”

01 Dec


Oh, evening there my little winged meatsacks. I’ve been a little off the grid this evening as I’ve been trying to get a review of a gig i watched last night reviewed, which has been slightly hampered only by trying to find as many different words for “Happy, “Cheery” and “Smiles like a loon” as possible. But oh it will get done… and it will be a glorious reportage on the cutting edge on the Icelandic Music sczzzzzzzzz. Oh and “The Apprentice” was on the iPlayer as well. Everything stops for myself and Mrs Sex Farm when we see cockney megalomaniac gnome of business Lord Sugar strutting his stuff. It’s a mesmerizing sight…

But onto tonight’s music chunk. Or rather a steaming great mass of noise that’s just dragged itself, wheezing, from a dank putrid swamp. Now everyone who reads this site (and not you mum), will know my love for Jap Rock Doom merchants BORIS. And i have certain favourite albums and songs (Pink, Amplifier Worship to name a couple). But one of my favourite albums is “More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape”, a 1999 album they did in collaboration with Japanese artists Choukoku no Niwa. It’s 50 minutes long and only has 3 tracks! Heavy. But the first two tracks (which I’m playing tonight) “Kanau Pts 1 & 2” are probably the best example of drone/space rock that I’ve come across. Clocking in at over 25 minutes, the first part is a gut heavy drone that develops into a simple riff that starts to repeat and oscillate on itself. Then it comes into some heavy riffing from the depths of mount Fuji, before they get a bit bored with life on Earth, take a leaf from the likes of Hawkwind, and descide to explore other planetary systems using the power of DRONE ROCK (which as we all know is a cheaper fuel than Ion Drives).

i seriously recommend you give this a shot, take your time with it, and your patience will be rewarded in abundance.


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