Music Moment – Momentum, “Metamorphose”

02 Dec


Ok so I’ve been a little bit lazy on the farm over the last couple of days. that’s mainly due to having to get a live review of Lára and her dad Runar playing at cafe Rósenborg on Tuesday. I’d tell how it went, but I’m sure you’d want to see it online first.

But anyways, I’m probably going to get back on this over the next day or two. Just need something witty and interesting to write abou…. wait a second that’s never stopped me before. Ok i´ll probably just keep spouting nonsense. One thing i did this evening was reply to an e-mail from the Halifax Collect blog about wanting my top 10 albums of the year. I sent over a list of the first names i could think of, so to be honest it isn’t really my final list, but i know i need to start getting some kind of idea together before i get hassled from other people wanting their pound of flesh.

So over the next week or so, I’m going to be kicking around some of what’s been my favourite music over the last year. Tonight’s tasty morsel is a track from a band who may feature on a few Icelanders best of lists; “Metamorphose” by MOMENTUM from their album, “Fixation at rest”. They call their music “progressive doom”, which means that we’ve got some slightly complex songs that are heavier than a collapsing star. Suffice to say that although I’ve heard several albums like this year, nothing has been quite as good as this, and absolutely nobody else is doing this kind of music as well in Iceland at the moment. Probably will go quite far in 2010. I hope so to. Listen to those atmospheric chugs and despair….


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