Mixtape Hell: Blackest Ever Black “The Scolds Bride”

04 Dec

Just been listening to this lovely mix that was created by record label BLACKEST EVER BLACK (who released the excellent self titled EP by RAIME) for a recent show on radio station WMFU. Both label and artist are enveloped in a mysterious aura as details about them are as sparse and esoteric as the recordings they make.

This mixtape contains much darkness and minimalism from old school electronic beats to echoed out dub sounds and the sounds and feelings of nighttime bus rides in the concrete jungles of South London and Berlin in the 80’s.


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One response to “Mixtape Hell: Blackest Ever Black “The Scolds Bride”

  1. Jane V

    February 10, 2011 at 1:31 am

    Live Well.
    I find this all by chance, very late/very early. In some room.
    Yes. Buses to Balham. Buses to Schoeneberg.
    I met a guy from Iceland in a hostel once in old Berlin. He had alcoholic poisoning and was just lying there peacefully, sipping at water. We talked a bit. Quiet moment – Christmas time. Solid. Strangely memorable. Long ago.
    There’s reason for this work. Nothing is wasted. Some kind of good faith.
    Salut JV


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