The Sunday Movie Apocalypse! “Sexmission (1984)”

05 Dec

Ahhh sunday, the day of rest. the time of the week where we can all sit down and contemplate the futility of the human condition. The fact that despite our best achievements, the human race is but merely a dried cumstain in the crack of the universe’s filthy underwear. I’m surprised we haven’t tried to off our civilisation sooner.

And with that in mind it’s time for another collection of fabulous misery that is THE SUNDAY MOVIE APOCALYPSE! and this week i have an apocalypse comedy from Poland (which means that it’s going to be a barrel of laughs). Boy and Girls i give you from 1984 SEXMISSION (Polish: Seksmisja).

The film tells of two male human guinea pigs who in 1991 agree to be cryogenically frozen as part of a science experiment. However, of course, something goes wrong and instead of being asleep for a few years, they awake in the year 2044, where they learn there has been a Nuclear War. The twist is that due to genetic mutation from radiation, all the men have died out and the world is now run by women. The film then shows the jarring interactions between the two men and women who have had no dealing with males, as well as their attempts to escape when they are deemed to be a threat to society and are ordered to be killed or forced into having a sex change.

Now despite the title there is hardly any sex int his film (and as a 10-year-old who watched it for the first time, that was especially disappointing). Instead the film is more of a satire on the Gender politics of the time, as well as being as a commentary on the realities of living in a communist bloc society, as what some in the film consider a utopia (i.e. female only) is just brutal and repressive as when the men were in charge.

Of course it being a Polish Sci-Fi film from the ’80s, there isn’t much in the way fancy action scenes but lots of dialogue instead. But this is still an interesting quirky film that give a different slant on the idea of a post nuclear world…

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