Music Moment: Manuel Göttsching, “E2-E4 Part 1”

06 Dec


well i iz feelin’ good this evening. A Soggy pile of reviews have been done to the best of my ability and they are now off to the Grapevine mills to be pressed and massaged into something more substantial. So tonight i been able to boring stuff, like read books and comics, and I’ve even managed to start messing around with this music mix software. I have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing with this. It’s like watching a dog chase an imaginary ball that you’ve pretended to throw. If something good comes out of it, i’ll let you know…

But as for what I’m listening to tonight, I’ve got some lovely Post-Krautrock Electroprog for you discerning pleasure. Manuel Göttsching was this German bloke who used to be a member of Krautrock space rockers ASH RA TEMPEL. and very good they were too. But this man was a bit bored and so in his spare time (like all good musicians tend to do), he started to mess around with new technologies and ways of producing sound. And his first solo output was his 1984 album E2-E4. Even though he only made it as something that would keep him occupied on long journeys, it was an album that would play an important role in the development of Techno and House music. LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy has also stated that this album was the inspiration when he produced his 45:33 album.

I’m going to play to you the first part, it’s a lovely build up of electronics beats and ambient sounds. Truly sounds like the first summer of Loves in my head.


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