Music Moment: Cabaret Voltaire, “Ghostalk”

08 Dec


Evening fellow zoophiliacs. Wow we’ve certainly had a busy night down on the farm. Apart from all the muckspreading and semen extracting (gotta love that milky white gold), we also had a personal finance expert come and visit us to help with our debts! His advice? Buy low, sell high, try to save, try to be meth dealers, etc. Overall i think it was pretty sound advice. Mrs Sex Farm isn’t so sure though.

Oh and that mix i spent a couple of days on was finally finished. Alas it’ll probably be the last one on Soundcloud as they charge by the amount of time you use, not the file size. So for their premium service, i would only get 4 hours! that would only give 4-5 mixes. I’ll just wap it on fileden or something…

But there were a few tracks i was going to put on but decided to leave out. Here was one by Sheffield synth pop and proto-techno/industrial bodgers CABARET VOLTAIRE. I like this track especially (from their “Drinking Gasoline” album), with chunky blocky beats, minimal bass line and use of sound/vocals clips that predated a lot of the EBM/Industrial music of the likes of Front 242, Front Line Assembly, even NiN.

Ok now I’m off to have a look at pension plans.


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