Music Dump: Wire “Pink Flag (1977)”

09 Dec

As i al a little rushed today, I’m not going to bother trying to catch your attention with nice flowery prose. This is a blog. This is a blog post.  This is a music Dump blog post. This is your brain on a music dump blog post (to infinity….)

There are always certain albums that are known for being huge markers in influencing and being copied by a generation of bands and artists. Whether it’s The Velvet Underground’s “VU & Nico”, Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn”, Joy Divisions “unknown pleasures”, or a slew of others. But today I’m going to give you an album that has been quietly but profoundly influential to many bands in the 80s and 90s.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you “Pink Flag”, the 1977 debut album from WIRE

Wire were a UK band that have been described as “The Ramones, if they went to Art School”. Starting off in Punk, they became one of the main bands in the post punk movement. although their later albums would move away from the full on guitar thrashings, it was their debut album “Pink Flag” that has proved to be the main inspiration for just about everyone from Hardcore Punk to 80s US alt rock to early Brit Pop.

Two tracks in particular stand out as major influences. The track “Three Girl Rhumba” was most or less copied by Elastica for their big hit “Connection” to the point that they were taken to court on charges of plagiarism (it was settled out of court). Also the track “Feeling Called Love” has a VERY close similarity to REM’s song “Stand” (i have no idea where the Wikipedia entry gets “Where’s the Frequency Kenneth?” from. Writer must be tone-deaf). You can hear for yourself in the video “Wire Part 4” below.

so do me a favour and try out this album that basically gave the meaning to the word “Seminal”.

Note – I have absolutely NO idea why the video poster used Rupert Murdoch as the picture.

Try Pink Flag HERE


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