Off to this. Then off to a real farm!…..

09 Dec

Ok let’s get this wrapped up now.

The Farm will be running at Low impulse power for the nest few days. that’s because me and the missus are heading off to the East to meet some friends over the weekend. And they’ve only just discovered steam power over there so i don’t think that i could plug our laptop adapter into a hole in the ground.

So there will be very little happening over the next few days. But i can tell you i’m off to this concert tonight, the album release gig for APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET at NASA. I saw them the first time at Airwaves and they rocked so hard i think they prolapsed the bounds of human hearing. Well they’ve just released their second album, “Pólýfónía”, which just today got 5 Stars from the bloke in Frettablaðið (at last there is something we can both agree on). And even though it’s only been released for the best past of a week, there are murmurs that people are already putting this on their best of lists for 2010. It was interesting to note that when i was in the 12 Tónar music shop (the record is released on 12 Tónar’s label) this afternoon getting my ticket, they sold about 7 tickets for the gig and 5 copies of the album in the 3 minutes i was in that shop! I sense a buzz is a-happening…

And for all those Non Icelanders, here are a couple of vids i uploaded so you can hear the magic for yourself. I’m off to practice my triangular hand shapes (don’t ask)

See you on Sunday (ish)…..


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