Music Moment: Aksak Maboul “Scratch Holiday”

13 Dec


Ahh it’s good to get back to the old blogging nonsense. I will need to get out of the house soon, but inside it’s nice and warm. and i want to go to bed soon, so enough of fannying around and let’s get to the night music shall we?

Tonight’s track was stumbled upon by my good friend (and human toilet) Ragnar Egilsson. And indeed it’s a rather obscure find. Scratch Holiday was a track mixed by little known Belgium avant rock weirdos Aksak Maboul. They were active for a few years in the late ’70s where they mixed disparate genres such as Balkan music, jazz, krautrock rock and anything else they could think of that day. But they parted ways and one of the members created well known Belgium indie label Crammed Discs, which has become a player in the world music scene. An offshoot of this label was the compilation series “Made to Measure” which specialised in ambient music, avant-garde electronica and post punk music. And the Track “Scratch Holiday” featured on the very first Made to Measure compilation in 1984.  Underfoot scratches and dragging feet, grinding wheezing echoes and some background sampled voices for good measure.


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