Music Dump: “V.A. – New Season (The Peel Sessions 1983-1991)”

20 Dec

God I’ve really been through the wringer  these last 36 hours. An awful Norwalk super sleek vomiting virus that has turned my insides into a wind sock. Even now my joints are aching and solid foods are still a maybe.

But then i realised that i am just whingeing and that the beast needs to be fed with quality music to stop it from raving this nations first-born. And while looking through my collection, i cam across this interesting little gem.

Now i had this in tape from many, many moons ago back when i was a fresh-faced indie kids with shiny acne and everything. I remember getting it for the fact it had The Smiths and the Inspiral Carpets on the roster. This compilation was the third in a trilogy of compilations detailing some  of the nest of the Peel sessions from the beginning (The other two being Before The Fall (67-77) and Winters Of Discontent (77 – 83)). And it does provide a rather interesting snapshot of the indie scene at that time, with Songs from the likes of the Wedding Present, the Happy Mondays, Teenage Fanclub, The Charlatans and The Farm amongst others. Perfect if you want to get out your baggy t-shirts and your baggy jeans with the 20″ bottoms…

Try the New Season HERE

Ok now the beast has been fed, i can put my head down for a little while…..


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