Music Moment – Future Islands, “Inch of Dust”

21 Dec


Well i thought i was starting on the road to recovery, but that was a major overestimate as i’m still experiencing a Type 7 event on the toilet scale. Tasty! Will need to make the trip to the pharmacy tomorrow for some of those little immodium tables. And then get all my final travel arrangements sorted for going to mah muthers for Xmas (money, passport, cat litter tray cleaned), and pray that they’ve managed to move the travel infrastructure in the UK beyond the dark ages into something that more resembles civilisation.

But just to see my evening off, a track that was suggested on the Those we left behind blog. Of course when i was doing my big album “movers and shakers” of 2010, the second i posted it, there were so many other albums that came out of the woodwork that i either forgot, or didn’t take into account it sort of made the whole process the waste of time it was (mind you, I’ll probably do an honourable mention post next week). But this will be on that list. “Inch of Dust” from Future Islands‘ 2010 album “in evening Air” has that mix of dream pop, sonic feedback, twanging bass and post punk vocals that’s difficult to pull off, but reaps major rewards when done right.

I’m now off to polish the cat….


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