Xmas yuletide roundup and low tide impulse power….

22 Dec

Phew almost done!

the wrapping is done, the packing is finished and soon I’m off to the bank to get some proper currency for Xmas (unlike the monopoly money i use everyday). Yes in a few hours Mrs. Sex Farm and i will be off to the airport to go to my mother’s place in Liverpool for Xmas. Lots of sausages and sweets and taking the dog for longs walks and stuff by the cold freezing shore. It also means that the farm will be in Hibernation mode and will be blog free till the end of the year. But until then here are a few little morsels….

– Just read the albums of the year review in Frettablaðið. At least they had the decency to make the album from APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET their Icelandic album of the year. It was followed by Jónsi and Retro Stefsson (Hmmm don’t know about that…), But not a single vote by anyone for Momentum? now that is a travesty! And the National as best foreign album? No accounting for taste then….

– a couple of pieces of free music.

Ok first we have some nice noisy surf pop from a New Yoik sparkfest group called Tropical Punk. Their EP, titled “sweetheart” contains lots of garage rock infused with lots of melody and scratchy noisy bits. It’s actually a lot better than what i was expecting it to be., so it is heartily recommended.

Last on the list is more shoegaze wibblings, this time from a group lovingly names stagnant pools, Their album “Real Lies” contains all the usual markers. Lots of guitars that range between soft ambient shoegaze to lo-fi punching powerchords. Lots of leaning to the primal rock of roll sound that people who are into the stuff that comes out from the Vebeth collective would love. Indie with a bit of bite.

OK! that should be it for now. But before i leave, here is a new video made by someone who is definitely in my Top foreign 5 albums of the year. Made for Wire Magazine this video for “Hashshashin Chant” by Demdike Stare splices together several ’70s Sleazy Euroshocker movies. And this is actually one of the slightly weaker tracks on the album and it’s still brilliant! See how many films you can spot.

And that is it for now! Have a cool yule and try not to die on me you little shits!


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