Music Review of 2010 – Those pesky predictions (or… What the fuck happened to ghost aircraft??)

03 Jan

For this year, i honestly haven’t tried, but at the beginning of 2010, i put forward a couple of predictions to the Grapevine of bands and artists to look out for during those upcoming months.

And such was my wonderful spider-sense predicting powers that most of them didn’t amount too much. Ok Daníel Bjarnason released his album “processions”, and Severed Crotch finally came good at the end of this year by getting signed to a Japanese metal label. But the rest of my choices weren’t really that good. Captain Fufanu have made some good performances and there have been some tracks on soundcloud, but we’re yet to see any released material, while Pedro Pilates released an EP on Gogoyoko but have been very quiet.

However the most intriguing mystery was that of Ghost Aircraft. They were a trio who were made from the remnants of Post Rock and Hardcore bands such as Vera, Shogun and Future Future. Just before the end of 2009, they released their self titled debut album on gogoyoko and iTunes. And a very nice album it was too. While people were going on about the likes of Crabcore derivative merchants Endless Dark and the amount of press attention they were receiving, here was a band who crafted an intricate mix of clean vocals that were reminiscent of Perry Farrell post Janes Addiction, hard glinted riffing and power drumming that recalled elements of the Mars Volta and Deftones. I even wrote a review on it for the Grapevine (although alas it was never used).

As you can see, we’re dealing with some rather superior melodic metal here. And a few friends thought so too. So i was confident in seeing some big things from these three rock wingnuts.

But this didn’t happen. In fact over 2010, they completely fell of the face of the earth (philosophical question: If a metal band falls down in the middle of the forest, and nobody sees or hears them, do they in fact actually rock??). There were no gigs, no updates on MySpace or Facebook and no new songs. It was, well…. eerie. At first i assumed the worst and thought that the managers of Endless Dark or Cliff Clavin had done away with them to get rid of the competition. But a few weeks ago i found a contact e-mail and sent them a message. After a couple of days, REJOICE! i received an answer…

“Thanks for the comment on our release!

We never quit, however we have not practiced since Andri our drummer joined a band called For a Minor Reflection. Me and our singer Eiður recorded a Depeche Mode cover this summer. That’s the only news of the band. The three of us are pretty busy people and also lazy so we have not done much since our release. Here in Iceland the music scene for this kind of music is very little, and it’s stronger being a recording artist than a live artist. We can reach more people that way, well that’s the way I look at it.”

So as you can see, the main reason for Ghost Aircraft being forced into a long-term Hiatus is due to For A Minor Reflection. FUCK YOU FOR A MINOR REFLECTION!!

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