Music Dump: Various Artists “Tibetan Buddhism – Tantras of Gyütö – Sangwa Düpa (1975)”

05 Jan

when i was in one of my more contemplative mood last night i was thinking “oooh, what shall i give those bunch of craven fucks that actually read this blog for free music this week? I better make it something good of i may lose those 5 people….”

so after some sleeping on it, i have come up with the following idea. For the whole month of January shall henceforth be known as DROOOONE Month! Yes, for the next few weeks, your truly will be giving you some truly dimension bending tones, incantations and other assorted hums and growls to keep you company over the best month of the year, where the nights will steal your soul if you bend over to tie your shoelace.

And to start of with i have the Blue Ribband of Drone, something that in fact it’s the epitome of how to use the Human Voice to crush air. This week i give to you “Tibetan Buddhism – Tantras of Gyütö – Sangwa Düpa (1975)”

This album was the brainchild of a man named David Lewiston, who is to world music and tribal cultures what Cecil Sharp is to English Folk Music. Over the 60’s and 70’s he traveled Asia and South America, recording the indigenous songs and customs of many of the peoples and tribes in the area. His greatest feat was the extensive recordings of Tibetan Buddhist rituals, most notably of the choral chanting of Gyuto Tantric University, of which this album is one of them.

I head about this album last year about being the sort of music to really freak your friends out to, as well as something that you could really lose yourself in. And it took me a long time to find online (don’T ask me how i got it). But certainly wasn’t disappointed (a little scared more like…)

The album has only two chants, the first track, “Sangwa Düpa”,  is a 40 minute group chant that drones more heavily and oppressively than anything Sunn o))) or Earth could come up with. These monks sound less like human beings, more like wolf avatars channeling all that karmic energy into a single point before sinking it right in your cerebral cortex. The second track is a comparatively light 20 minute vocal hum set to what sounds like dustbin lids smashing against steel railings. Probably to ward off evil spirits, or the Beastie Boys or something. Thankfully this album also has a printout of the backgrounds and meaning to these Tibetan chants if you are so inclined to investigate.

Tantras of Gyütö is an Ethnographic Tour De Force that’s Kundun in music form. Actually it’s not so much human music, more like the keys to your karmic pressure points or something. Not really a soundtrack recommended for tripping (or actually it may be the PERFECT tripping soundtrack, just that it may take to places you really didn’t expect), but this is something that has to be heard at least ONCE in your life…..

You can Try Tantras of Gyütö HERE


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2 responses to “Music Dump: Various Artists “Tibetan Buddhism – Tantras of Gyütö – Sangwa Düpa (1975)”

  1. Kman

    January 11, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    sweet piece of writing {-; Glad to be one of the 5!

    Cheers for the tunes too.

  2. luminosum

    September 19, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Thank you very much … listening to it right now. Of course, the beauty of meditation is that you don’t need expensive and (sometimes) dangerous drugs … 🙂 Be Happy!!


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