Music Moment: Jodis, “Ascent”

09 Jan


Today was a day for trying to get back into that old, worn, slightly damp saddle that is my writing bike and get back into producing sub par bullshit for people who don’t read too well. Two reviews later and some other stuff, i now feel a little happier with myself. So I’m off to bed to dream of unicorn orgies or something.

But before i do, here is tonight’s music moment. I have praised the Album “secret House” by JODIS, the side project of James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst, Phantomsmasher,O.L.D.) Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Lotus Eaters, House of Low Culture,GREYMACHINE) and Tim Wyskida (Khanate, Blind Idiot God) numerous times to anyone who’ll listen. I’ve given the album away, and used this track in a couple of mixes. the ambient spectral metal is perfect winters driving music to freak out your passengers. And someone has seen fit to put the lead track onto YouTube! Sir i salute you….



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