Sunday Cult film Corner – “80 Blocks From Tiffany’s (1979)”

09 Jan

Good evening there my fellow movie nuts.

Now over the past few months the farm has been pumping out films about punk, metal and the end fo the world and the universe. But as of the new year, we are going to go somewhere a little different. And as most of the people who read this blog are, to be frank, socially and mentally retarded, i think that we need to see some of the more eerie and bizarre films that are out there in the ether.

so for the next several week, i present to you the SUNDAY CULT FILM CORNER!

and this week, i present an interesting cult documentary that tells the story of New York gangs in the ’70s, 80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY’S.

Initially part of a series of films made NBC’s entertainment divisions, the films tells about the myriads of gangs that populated the South Bronx area of New York in the 1970’s, the title of the films being the distance from Tiffany’s Department store in Manhattan to their neighbourhood, but it felt more like a different universe. The film is more akin to the classic gang film “the warriors”, with gangs named The Savage Skulls. At the time New york was close to bankruptcy as years of neglect had turned parts of New York into bombed out demilitarised zones. It’s almost recognisable tot he New Yorks of today, but the film simply points a camera as the main characters involved and asks them to tell their stories of gang life on the streets. A more detailed article about the film can be seen HERE

so get your hot chocolate on the ready and sit back and watch some good old fashioned street violence with extra machines guns and explosives and stuff….warriors…. come out to plaaaaay…..(clink, clink)


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