Music Moment: Dinowalrus “BEAD”

10 Jan


Ok i’m just grazing and scratching right now. Some missives have been dispatched and tomorrow will  bring a new round of battles, victories and disappointments.

But we need a little bit of music to make the evening go just that little bit smoother. I don’t know, maybe this will help us out. DINOWALRUS are one of those cool hipster synth rock bands that come from (you guessed it) Brooklyn, New York. They must have some kind of feeder programme that’s just churning out these little shiny pop babies. Dinowalrus is also noted in that the guitarist Pete Feigenbaum is a former member of Titus Andronicus. This track is from their debut album “%” (po-faced album title: check). It’s a chunky rhythmic blast with washed out elements of krautrock, synth pop and some lovely Einar Örn style shrieking. although my eyes were starting to hurt from looking at video for more than 30 seconds. An interesting experiment if ever i saw one…


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