Music Moment: Karkwa “Le pyromane”

12 Jan


Not up to much this evening. Tried out our flakkari hard drive and saw some films, while i messed with kittys head. Don’t want to type too much after nearly slicing off the tip of one of my fingers this morning (ouch). Blood every where, but it looked rather cool in a sexy perverse sort of way.

And for tonight’s music moment i was torn between a few choices of either some very doomy atmosphere minimal techno (which I’ll keep for a mix later), some VERY old hardly unheard of post-punk track (including one from Simple Minds!)…. and this. KARKWA are a very long running French Canadian indie rock band that recently won the Polaris music prize,  Canadas version of the Mercury music prize for their 4th Album “Les Chemins de verre“. I’ve had this album for quite a few months now (i even passed a copy onto my Boss, as he is very much into that acoustic indie stuff). Despite having a very melodic acoustic tinged sound, they do manage to beef it up with some big room drum sounds, a fairly menacing bass sound, and some rather deft foals/ fleets foxes style harmonies (except in French). Of all the tracks, the opener “Le pyromane” is probably the most arresting. Sacre Bleu!



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