Special Mixtape Hell: The Evil That Lurks Within…..

12 Jan

Hooray! it’s that time of the month when i block out all attempts at constructive criticism (“You Suck!”, Why do you keep writing this bilge you fool!”, etc…) and i deem to imagine that i am DJ’ing the worlds most torturous house party with only 5 CDs and a crappy Hi-Fi for my tools.

And this time the end result is a fairly pungent whiff of 70’s soft porn soundtracks, Euro electro nonsense, Radiophonic Dub music (thanks Ragnar..) and other assorted stuff that was festering in my hard drive. Of course it took me ages to mix it, then i saved it, realised i messed my timings up (ha!) then had top do it again. Also i have found that the vast majority of file upload sites won’t accept Mp3’s of this size, or if they do, they don’t provide direct linking. So i am forced to use Soundcloud again this time. They had better not delete my mix like they did the first one, the bastards! So i give you the following…



Unknown – “BBC Service information 1978”

David McCallum – The Edge

Vic Mizzy – “I Record Everything”

Roy Budd – Kidnapped

Ken Woodmen & His Piccadilly Brass – Twelve By Two

Quiet Village – Circus of Horrors

Broadcast & The focus Group – Inside Out

ESG – Dance

Piero Umilani – Chaser

Sylvano Santorio – Strange Pulsation

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis – Box

Wolf People – Tiny Circle

The Third Sound – Gloria

Dr Strange – “Astral Projection”

The Revolutionaries – Kunta Kinte Version One

Bobby Beausoleli – the Second Movement (Lucifer Rising OST)


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