Music Dump: Julian Cope, “Odin”

13 Jan

Right now the farm is in a slight state of panicked flux. Mrs Sex Farm is trying to get her shit together as we are off into the country tomorrow for a couple of days to celebrate her Dads 70th Birthday. Sigh…. at least there will be some wine. May have to get my “thieving student alcoholic” game face on for that one.

But i can’t leave you all without some music to prepare yourselves for the long weekend. And to continue January’s DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE Month, i’m giving you a little known but ultimately superior piece of headspace music that comes from somewhere else entirely. For this weeks music dump, i offer you “ODIN” by JULIAN COPE.

Now most people will know Mr Cope from his time as the lead singer of early 80’s hit meisters The Teardrop Explodes. And for a while up till the mid 90’s, he enjoyed a modicum of solo success, but as the years progressed, he drifted into making music that was more formed by his interest and knowledge in Britain’s pagan history, stone circles and other ancient monuments. He released a popular book about the ancient history of such sites and has lectured on such subjects as the Norse God Odin, which is where we now come in.

In 1999, Cope released Odin, which was initially made to be used a personal meditation piece. But when his wife expressed an interest, it eventually was released as a limited CD. I first heard of this album in 2009 when it was mentioned by Warren Ellis when writing about his “Epiphany” music in Wire magazine, and how “Odin” had a profound effect on him. “Odin” contains a single track, “Breath of Odin”, which lasts a whopping 78 minutes! But the thing is, that when you listen to it, you don’t really notice the time all that much. Made up of layers of Mellotron, vocal mantras and other weird cavernous harmonics, it blends the organic and electronic parts seamlessly into a massive gelatinous whole. If you have a decent sound system, the sound makes you feel in those deep cavernous places, such as an underground cave in Borneo, in a massive crevasse at Vatnajökull glacier, or next to some remote bronze age ruins where you are the only living thing for miles around. But the common thing that runs through this piece is one of pressure, the feeling that massive elemental forces are heavy, damp and smothering are pressing down on you on all sides from the hard rock under your feet, to the oxygen around your body.

Of course if you get a little bored or overwhelmed by it, you can always pop to the kitchen, make a cup of tea, and come back and pick up where you left off. As i have had to on a couple of occasions.

So do yourself a favour. Go and get this album and drive over to the volcanic sand hills before Landmannalaugur (where there is no living things around) and put this on in your headphones. You’ll trip balls i guarantee you!

Try Julian Copes “Odin” HERE


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One response to “Music Dump: Julian Cope, “Odin”

  1. danilo

    June 22, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    thanks for sharing,been looking all around the web for this record.


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