Music Moment: Bjørn Torske, “Nitten Nitti”

17 Jan


God i have done nothing this evening. Okay that hasn’t been entirely true. I’ve been watching some rather funny OZ and UK exploitations flicks from the 70s and 80s. Even managed to tear myself away from the PC for a few minutes to watch Iceland bitch slap Japan in the WORLD CUP OF HAAAAAANDBALL! I can see the complete orgasmic excitement of every non Icelander in the room. Oh and there may be some interesting sekrit developments that i really can’t go into right now, but they will be interesting, believe me!

And in those little cracks and slivers of time,I’ve managed to little to the odd track here and there. such as this weird bug eyed little man. Bjørn Torske has been active in the Norwegian music scene for a good number of years now. Starting off making Detroit style house and techno, before drifting into the mutant dub disco style, known as skranglehouse, that has been championed by the likes of Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas. Over the last few years he’s taken it even further and his latest album “Kokning”, takes tribal beats Krautrock grooves and very elastic dub bass sounds, blending them into a really rich nourishing soup of sounds. Oh yeah, and he looks like a gurning ravey deavey freak on that pic in the video.


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