Music Moment: Mushy “Too Far”

19 Jan


today has been a day that has totally left me knackered. I’ve just felt the entire gamut of emotions from elation to crippling despair (and perhaps a little bit of insipid nonchalance, but that may have just been indigestion…). and i can’t even divulge 65% of what has happened to me today, suffice to say that right now I’m staring at my rhetorical inbox and in the past 24 hours, it’s become something rather scary. I am not going to start hitting it until Friday, whereupon i will start having several panic attacks that can only be quelled with wine and gin, or some of that quality smack heroin vitamin tablets.

So onto tonight’s music moment. I’m not sure why this video for Mushy’s “Too Far” was milling around my favourites list. I think it was mostly due to the lovely visuals. (Taken from a bizarre looking russian film from the ’60s Called Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors). the song itself is chocka with doomy shoegaze atmospherics and demolished cathedral vocals. Either way, some nice Feel Bad music.



[Vimeo =

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