Sunday Cult film Corner: “Xtro (1983)”

23 Jan

OK the thumbscrews are starting to turn slowly as some deadlines are starting to loom. This means that my train of thought today has been rather bi polar and scattered like mental confetti. Pausing only to take a breather, i realised that the damp wet evening is a golden chance for you all to watch some weird, nasty shit on your PC. The sort of weird,nasty shit that will make you go “Oh hanks bob. I really needed to see that. Now i can’t get any sleep at night”. Yup it’s time for the SUNDAY CULT FILM CORNAHHHH!!

And for this weeks offering, i’M going for something deeply british, outlandish and gruesomely bizarre in equal turn. Boy and girls, i give you the lost cult classic, XTRO!!

Made in 1982 by Director Harry Bromley Davenport, XTRO is a low-budget Sci Horror that tells of the abduction of a family man by aliens while his young son is the only witness. Fast forward 3 years, and the son still has nightmares about that night, although his mother and her new boyfriend  believe that his dad simply left them. Then his dad returns from space, and tries to instigate a reunion with his wife and son. However, he is not the same man he was when he was abducted and he has a few nasty surprises up his sleeve so to speak.

When this film first came out, it was originally categorised as a video nasty due to the amount of gore (especially for a British film). And it’s not hard to disagree. There are some scenes in the film where you actually say to yourself “Holy shit! did they really just do that???”. But despite the gore and inherent bizarreness of it all, XTRO still manages to deliver some genuine shocks and scares (the sighting of an alien on the road at the beginning being a classic example).

so if you’Re in need of some good old-fashioned shock and groans, then get that duvet and a glass of finest claret and prepare to be astounded by some lovely ’80s Brit exploitation.


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