Music Dump: Pelt “Ayahuasca (2001)”

25 Jan

Ok you tightfisted scumbags, you are taking out valuable time from both my writing, tea drinking and Jeremy Kyle watching. If i wasn’t such an honourable man i would have told you all to fuck off already.

Sigh…. oh i can’t turn you poor moronic souls away. Not when I know all you are looking is some sensual sounds to take the night blues away. Well i know that what i’m going to give you will surely make you ears curl up in orgasmic delight.

so to continue January’s DROOOOOOOOOONE month, i’ve giving you the daddy. i give you Ayahuasca, by PELT.

Pelt were a trio who specialise in Appalachian Drone music. the album, released in 2001 but taking 2 years to make and named after the infamous hallucinogenic compound taken by shaman priests in the amazon Rainforest, Ayahuasca is pure raga drone in excelcior. Some tracks, such as ‘The Cuckoo’ and ‘Deep Sunny South’ are traditional Appalachian numbers, played and sung with considerable skill and feeling. But then you get into the likes of “A Raga called John” which combines the hurdy gurdy and concertina drones and bowed and picked acoustic guitar adds a healthy dose of eastern mysticism to the mix. At over 2 hours this is music that is guaranteed to help you find your aural endorphin oasis. And that ain’t no shit!!

you can try Ayahuasca by Pelt HERE

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