Music Moment: Úlfur Eldjárn, “Telharmonium”

26 Jan


Y’know it actually feels like it’s been ages since i’ve done one of these music moment jobbies (i.e. – a couple of days), but my reviews are done (well nearly done. One of them has been deemed to require some more work as i may have had a laudanum high while writing it), and I’m 80% there on my other “sekrit” work which should be more or less done by the weekend.

So for all you fellow insomniacs, here’s something that i was writing about and rather enjoyed actually. For those who don’t know, ÚLFUR ELDJÁRN is probably best known as being a member of Apparat Organ Quartet (he’s the one that looks like a womble version of Justin Timberlake). But he was also a member of  Icelandic disco rockers Trabant and he’s already released a solo album of his own. He’s just released another album “Field Recordings: Music from the Ether”, and as the title suggests, it’s a ghostly foray into the outer regions of the mind and the metaphorical spirit world. This track manages to sound faintly Sigur Rós-ish but feels a lot deeper, even with the robotic choirboy, while the ending is especially atmospheric and haunting. Perfect for communing with dead.


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