Iceland Airwaves 2011!: Jesus, is it that time already???

30 Jan

Is it that time already? It was literally only yesterday when i was lying in the foetal position in the corner of my flat, going “Please no! don’t make me go back to NASA! i just want a cup of tea!”. But yes it must be, because it’s January and we are already seeing the first wave of bands being announced for Iceland Airwaves 2011. So let’s see what the first salvo of music acts will represent. will it be a hit or a pile of shit?

Icelandic Bands

The first few bands announced were of course Icelandic. First up are Of Monsters and Men, who are a very soft twee folky band who don’t really rock my boat at all. They’ve been getting a lot of press, but frankly they have all the charisma and energy of a plate of cold sick. But if you really need to have something to listen to while you drink some horlicks, then who am i to stop you?

next up are Wolf Parade, Clap your hands Say yeah!, energetic Indie Rockers Who Knew. They’re sort of OK.  Their music is all very happy and joyous and their live show is all full of harmonising wailings and stuff. Pass the laudanum please…

Oh, yeah and there’s more Crab-Core with Endless Dark. When is their album coming out anyway? If you are into this sort fo stuff, a million pity prayers are coming your way. I still can’t get over the use of the wind machine in the video.

And last but not least are the Vaccines. Now these guys have been receiving a lot of Press in Iceland and the UK. This is due to 2 things. One is that they were part of the BBC’s sounds for 2011, which has been as divisive and obsolete as always,  Second, if that the bass player is an Icelander who goes by the name of Árni Hjörvar. This is their current song which is clogging up the arteries of mainstream radio in Iceland right now…

Well it sure is a more perky shoegaze pop version of the likes of Editors. But it’s the chorus that does it for me

Post Break up sex

That helps you forget your ex

What did you expect

From post break up sex?

I think that Jarvis Cocker is shitting himself at the stiff competition that this lyrical wordplay represents…

International Bands and stuff

There are two international band who were announced. the first of them is Sizarr, who hail from Der Deutschland. Now this is more like it. Rumbling electronics with live rhythm banging to create something a little like a Teutonic version of Casio Kids.

The last name announced was Liturgy, who hail from Brooklyn New York. Now they have been titled “transcendental Black Metal”, but anyone who uses this to help with their meditating really needs some professional help. Take this track for example.

Can you imagine some poor fan of Rökkuró if they stumbled into Sódóma while these guys where playing? Their head would probably explode, Scanners-style all over their nice ethnic knitwear. Warfare with guitars. Oh and before you ask, yes i do actually own their albums!

So for an opening salvo, the icelandic bands have been a bit “yeah, whatever”, but the foreign band are already showing some promise, and getting Liturgy was a choice i certianly wasn’t expecting! I give it a B, a good solid start.


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