The sunday Cult film Corner: “The Ninth Configuration (1980)”

30 Jan

On a dark and stormy night, the cold wind attacks your house with its brutal and merciless howls. the branches of the garden tree banging incessantly against the kitchen window. The house lights slowly flicker and dim as you face is saturated with the throbbing rays of your PC screen. you need a film. The best kind of film that will make you think twice before looking out of the window.

and as part of our weekly SUNDAY CULT FILM CORRRRRRRRRRRRNERRRRRRRRRR, i have one of the best least known films about being all mental and shit. I give you, from 1980, THE NINTH CONFIGURATION.

The Ninth Configuration, the debut directorial effort of famed screenwriter William Blatty, tell the story of an old castle that’s being used to house and treat Vietnam veterans who have suffered mental breakdowns. Into this castle there arrives the new chief Psychiatrist Colonel Kane (played by Stacey Keach), who is also suffering from nightmares. While he attempts to treat the patients, his own mental health come under scrutiny as secrets from his past come up to the surface.

The first half of the films plays a bit like a farcical comedy along the lines of M.A.S.H and Catch 22, but then the film becomes a lot darker as the verbal battles increase between Kane and Captain Cutshaw, one of the patients held there, and with each of the patients being allowed to act out their own personal neuroses.

although it’s didn’t do well at the box office, the ninth configuration is a very well written and thought out film about the natures of madness and the workings of the universe. Oh and it’s also full of crazy people and shit. Excellent!!


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