Music Dump: A Shitload of Nadja…..

03 Feb

Well i should have been writing down some dismissive thoughts on [insert band name/music trend/icelandic album here] last night, but if i’M being completely honest, i really wasn’t arsed. Yes, i was just spending the evening checking out some interesting 70’s french composer soundtracks, as well as further re-linking my thin pools of memory towards those well genres known as “old Skool rave & DnB”. And reading. Reading books that didn’t have any pictures and were written by people like Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis or Brian Wood.

But this sloth must halt forthwith. And to get the ball rolling, i’M going to present to you this week Music dump, and the last in the month of DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!! (burp…).

there were a few choices i was going to give to you. such as the last album from guitar monolith sound carver, Acre. Or maybe some Sunn 0))), or even some interesting electroacoustic stuff from France in 1973.

But instead I’ve gone to Canada for my final choice. And if it’s from Canada and if it’s a duo, then it can mean only one thing. Yes it’s fucking NADJA! The duo of Aiden Baker and Leah Buckareff have been making that sweet, sweet drone-y doom doom metal music since 2003, and the funny thing is, despite their almost stupidly prolific nature (13 albums, 9 eps and i-can’t-be-arsed-counting how many collaborations since 2003), they’ve rarely, if ever put a foot wrong. Even covering A-Ha’s “the sun always shines on TV” sounded haunting and spectacular.

So for this weeks dump, I’m offering you a double-header of their most recent Album and EP from 2010, Autopergamene and Sky Burial. For me the standout of the two is the Sky Burial EP (which was released as part of Southern Lord records Lattitudes live sessions) is the stand out of the two. Only two tracks long, it shows the ranges of Nadja, from “Jaguar” which contains slow building drones and samples of a fog-ridden harbour, to cavernous, arc lightning and merciless chug of “Sky Burial”. If you like your rock on the with a bits of mantra like drone, then you really need to get on board with these guys quick smartish!

[Vimeo =

Yes you can try a shitload of Nadja HERE


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