Music Moment: Tamaryn, “Love Fade”

03 Feb


So I´m feeling a little chipper tonight. Firstly Introduced Charlie Brookers “How TV ruined your life” to my US legal alien Paul. And he found it funny and very insightful. Lovely. Secondly i’ve introduced Mrs Sex Farm to “the Walking Dead” (The TV series, not the comic book). She hates horror stuff and zombies as she says they find them boring. And, lo and behold, she loved it! Even said it was rather scary, and she NEVER says that!

So hark at me, a cultured bastion of taste and cool. yeah, smell that? that is the smell of the zeitgeist baby. Take a deep breath. You deserve it…

Oh and tonight’s music moment? Well, This track by NZ born/US lived singer TAMARYN has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere for a few months now. It’s full of melancholy torpor brought on by mainlining too much temazepam  with a light gossamer sheet of shoegaze sounds tossed over the body. Reminds me of the likes of early Lush and Slowdive from the early ’90s with some added Goth for good measure. Now I’m going to shuffle and mope around in the Kitchen for a while…



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