Music Moment: Bernard Parmegiani, “De natura sonorum”

07 Feb


God today has been a really bad day for me. You see, on occasion i tend to morbidly dwell on things to the points that unless i can shut it off, it just turns me into a raging, flailing mess of impotent rage and pettiness. and I’m pretty much hell to be around. That Mrs Sex Farr, she be a lucky lucky lady.

and to cap it all off, i tried to go to the main Reykjavik shopping mall, Kringlan today to see if i could get a gift for my dear old mother, who is 145 years old (too evil and all-knowing to die you see). However, most Icelanders know as well that most of the shops there sell nothing but faddy cockweasel fashion clothes and anodyne house accessories and nick naks. This all brought on the blackness and forced me to sit down, where i listened to this album from beginning to end and literally had to purge the toxic mental feedback from my Psyche. Took me best part of an hour.

that album was “De natura sonorum” by Bernard Parmegiani, a French composer best known for his electroacoustic and musique conréte style. The album, made in 1975, pretty much has a “year zero” effect on you as far as head music goes, it’s that profound. Pure aural fetish porn, with sounds, beeps and shimmering clangs that billow and fold like a sheet over your neural pathways. One day i’ll give you guys a copy, but for tonight i give a medley of 3 tracks from the album. Now go and purge those bad thoughts, ok?



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One response to “Music Moment: Bernard Parmegiani, “De natura sonorum”

  1. Mary from California

    February 7, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    Stunning – definitely will purge toxins! Thanks for introducing me to Bernard Parmegiani.


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