Music Moment: Parts & Labor, “Rest”

13 Feb


OK i feel VERY heavy right now. Just had some friends over trying the haggis i made today (see last post) and verily they thought it was the bees fucking knees. But the only bad thing i can say about it is that it  does tend to sit in your gut like a lead weight. If i ever want to drown myself, I’d just eat a kilo of haggis instead of filling my pockets with stones.

So I’ve been listening to the new PARTS & LABOR album “Constant Future” this week. People have been going on about it as an experimental album, but to be honest i fail to see the experimentation in it. It really just a straight up indie rock album. Having said that, it fairly packs a mean rhythmic punch. That drummer should be charging by the beat as he thrashed that drum kit to within an inch of its life. Also the tunes are not too bad either. If Who Knew and Sing for Me Sandra underwent some proper tweaking and the roughing up of the bass sound, then they cooould sound a bit like this. Here’s hoping anyway.



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