Top Bangin’ Tune Mate! Got any Veras?: Electronica Reykjavik – The Movie

14 Feb

After  posting about the death of Bjössi Biogen last week, it seems fitting that this should pop up so soon. Thanks to my mate Wim Van Hooste over at Iceland Music Maffia, i have been informed that the documentary ELECTRONICA REYKJAVIK is now available to view in full online.

I first saw this at the Reykjavik Film festival in 2009, and several times since. This is because you were able to see it on Icelandair Flights (as they part funded the filming). Telling the story of the rise of electronic music and dance culture in Iceland, it speaks to the DJs, club owners and musicians who rebelled against the frankly shit boring music that was occurring in the late 80s/ early 90’s. While it concentrates mainly on the dance side of electronic music, you get to hear the likes of Gus Gus, Ghostigital, DJ Thor, my mate DJ Maggi Legó, Marlon and Tanya Pollock, and many others, including Bjössi Biogen.

While the film only barely scratches the surface of the hows and whys of the 90s music scene (well i suppose you can only tell so much in 50 minutes), there are some nice moments, such as the splicing of music and news commentary of the clubs in the  90’s with the countryside dances in the 50’s, showing that there has always been a bit of moral panic when the kids want to break free from DA MAN and have some fun. Also fun to see the scene when the Health & Safety inspector (who looks like he was around the last time Katla erupted) comes to check out club Rósenborg, and looks frankly mortified and uneasy at the sight of young people having it large!

Electronic and Dance music is now completely woven and assimilated into the cultural DNA of Iceland, but it’s always good to see how it all began. If you haven’t already, take some time out this evening and have a little look at this….


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