Music Moment: Mater Suspiria Vision, “Crackbusting Angels (CROSSOVER 42012 MIX) VHS MODE”

15 Feb

I inadvertently feel the cold pale hand of loneliness touching my should right now. It’s all my fault as i was watching the latest edition of the superlative “How TV Ruined Your Life” from UberGrump Charlie Brooker. Tonight’s episode was about how TV warped your idea about love and relationships. It made me want to weep bitter tears and hug Mrs Sex Farm very tightly, but she was busy reading some book about particle physics or something. So all i’m left with is holding my kitty close to my chest and getting scratched for my troubles.

As what feeling lonely has to do with tonight’s musical choice is anyones guess. Now eagle-eyed readers (all 4 of you, one being a rabbit) will know that i’Ve blogged about the weird warped sounds of Witch House before on this blog. One such exponent is a blokes by the moniker of MATER SUSPIRIA VISION. I´m not a massive fan of his music (one track for example, was a slowed down version of Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro”. Yes that was all it was), but his blending of woozy beats and drugged up vocals with gory and explicit Horror films and Eurotrash thrillers are pretty amazing to watch.

So when another artist named Crossover Cvlt remixed his track “Crackbusting Angels”, there was no choice but to pair it up as the soundtrack for the monumentally trashy ripoff “Lady Terminator”. And very unsettling it is too.

Note – Warning as there is a rather lovely bit of sexy violent eyeball tickling with a scalpel at the beginning. Apart from that, knock yourself out!



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