Music Dump: The Revolutionaries, “Drum Sounds (More Gems From The Channel One Dub Room 1974-1980)”

16 Feb

ok I’ve been getting slack with my spraying and muck spreading of music loveliness to you avaricious scumbags. But hey, i’Ve been buuuuusy, doing… err…. sorting out my CDs, reading actual books, and trying to kick-start my own arse into being a professional man of letters and stuff. but of course i must always remember my prime directive, which is to provide top quality music that you may or may not have heard of, in order so you can go to your mates and go “What you’ve never heard of these guys? that’s so saaad!”

And in thinking of what to post this week, i wondered what i could provide that would also be a bit of an education. And then it came to me… Reggae! Ok I’m not the world’s most renowned expert on those sun drenched and spliff fuelled beats, but what i do know is a lot more than the average Icelander. And with the average Icelander’s knowledge beginning and ending with Bob Marley and Hjálmar, then it surely must be time to increase that knowledge ten fold. And so to do this, i´m providing the exceptional album “Drum Sound (More Gems From The Channel One Dub Room 1974-1980)” by THE REVOLUTIONARIES.

For those who don’t know, The Revolutionaries were the house band for the Channel One Studio, based in Kingston, Jamacia. The drums and bass were provided by none other than Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, who are better known as the legendary production duo Sly & Robbie. Together they helped to create the “Rockers” Reggae sound, which moved away from roots reggae and placed more emphasis on a stronger bass sound and more aggressive drumming so that it sounded more… well, rocking! The band provided backing music for numerous artists such as Black Uhuru and Gregory Isaacs, but they made numerous albums in their own name as well.

I was first directed towards this album when my roots supervisor, Ragnar Egilsson some time ago posted a YouTube video to the album’s signature tune, “Kunte Kinte (Version 1)”. With it’s slightly Hauntoligcal keyboard sounds, tight echoed drum patterns and booming bass, it’s a mighty mother of a song. And the rest of the album contains that mix of spare instrumentation, HEEEEAVY dub bass and head mashing studio effects to bring out the inner THC-haze from within you. If you like this, i would also recommend that you seek out another of their compilations “At Channel One – Dubplate Specials”, it be well up your street!

You Can Try Drum Sound HERE


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