The Sunday Cult film Corner: “Juggernaut (1974)”

20 Feb

Well at the moment, thanks in part to working till 6am, then drinking till daybreak, my overall mood at the moment is MONG. So I’m going to make this post a little more brief and succinct.

On friday, film critic, writer and fellow twitter fanatic Anne Billson wrote in the guardian about the dearth of decent explosions in film. Most of your Michael Bay style action films, for all their bombast, never truly portray the tension or the impact that a real explosion has. And in a quick discussion later that day, she let slip that one of her favourite film re: explosions and tension was the underrated 70’s thriller i present to you this evening. So in honour of Anne, tonight’s film is JUGGERNAUT.

Like the Film Speed (bomb on a bus), Juggernaut is basically bomb on a boat. Or rather bombs. The plot is that a bomber calling himself Juggernaut has placed a series of booby-trapped on board a cruise liner crossing the atlantic and will blow it up if a ransom isn´t paid. In response the navy parachutes in a top bombs disposal team led by Richard Harris to defuse the bombs before daybreak. Tense stuff eh?

Starring a myriad of 70’s film talent (Omar Shariff, Anthony Hopkins, David Hemmings, Ian Holm and Roy Kinnear!) this eschews the usual booming music, fast cuts and hyperactiveness of todays actions movies for some real tension and sweaty palms are the goodies and baddies engage in a battle of cold steel and hardened wits. And that is the perfect evening viewing for this Sunday don’t you think?


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