Music Moment – Dome,”The Red Tent (part2)”

21 Feb


Moving slowly out of impulse power and getting into some kind of groove. Sent more copy off to my shiny editor, and hope to have some other stuff done by the weekend. It won’t get printed soon (too close to deadline and not enough space), but it pays to keep oneself busy.

I also have finally managed to get my Mixcloud stuff sorted, so I’m going to be dumping the mixes I’ve done over the past couple of months and any future ones on there. Granted they aren’t in the same league as say Radio Belbury, Quiet World or Phantom Circuit, but i’m sure they won’t make your ears grate with malevolence. Alas this has prompted some online friends to start pestering me to do a bloody podcast! As if i wasn’t busy enough! What they don’t know is that my voice has a iazzre scots tang allied with this weird thing that it actually gets higher the more excited i get, a bit like Hitler apparently. Well, in the words of my mother, we shall see,

So onto tonight’s quivering slab of auditory fetishism. When superior Post Punkers Wire were on hiatus from 1980-86, bassist Graham Lewis and guitarist B.C. (Bruce) Gilbert decided to keep themselves busy with side project DOME, a way to explore way of messing around with new electronic sounds and break song structures for LOL’s and stuff. They produced a few albums, all with the same name (Dome!) but at least they were numbered. tonight’s track is from their 1981 album, DOME 2. A nice chunk manipulation of sounds like a cello with wheezing guitar noise and despondent vocals. Can’t understand why these guys were not more popular. It’s the way fo the world i guess….


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