Music Moment: Horrific Child, “L’Etrange Mr Whinster”

22 Feb


Right now i am doing nothing. Yes that’s right NOTHING!! Well ok I’m  watching YouTube videos of Corgi dogs playing around while listening to weird pop and Rock music from 1960’s Pakistan and Thailand. My life is so rewarding in so many ways…

But just letting your mind and ears wander can sometimes unearth some really weird and interesting surprises now and again. Take tonight’s music moment. I discovered this song by accident while i was trawling the nets looking at 70’s french music producers, who produced some of the sleaziest richest music known to man or beast. Horrific Child is the alias of a man called JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA. Not much is known about him at all. His Wikipedia entry simply states that he was a producer and the composer behind the Les Maledictus Sound project from 1968, and was credited as the inventor of Prog Rock in France and is best known for his collections of B movie exploitations style of music, which can be heard on the anthologies Midnight Massiera (Finders Keepers, 2009) Psychoses Freakoid (1963-1978) (Mucho Gusto, 2007), for his psychedelic side, and Psychoses Discoid (1976-1981) (Mucho Gusto, 2007), for his disco side.

As Horrific Child he created only one album “L’Estrange Mr Whinster” from 1976, This excerpt contains furious bursts of complex prog rockouts coupled with African tribal rhythms and ominous chanting. But thankfully the records has been recently re-issued on Finders Keepers records. All i can say is BUY IT, then you will be seen as a REAL connoisseur of wird music. And the record covers is also frankly mental by the way….


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