Music Moment: Dirty Beaches, “Speedway King”

28 Feb

Uh Huhuhuhuhhhuhhhuhhhh……

So here’s the thing. As the 4 subscribers to this abysmal blog will be aware of by now, I decided to try to convince the general public that my taste in music is brilliant. So brilliant in fact that I’ve taken to creating my own mixes. Still not sure if they are working or not. I know i would die a lonely death if i ever actually had to properly DJ in a club and stuff. But  apparently people have heard these mixes and have now been pestering me to go one further and start making podcasts, with my actual voice on them and everything! Quite why they would actually want this god only knows, but in a desperate bid to hold onto my audience, i have obliged. I’ve spent this evening creating a new mix. It´s about 90% done with only a few “voice” pieces left to do. Should be done in a day or two.

Until then I’m giving you a track that will be on the mix. A, shall we say, teaser. DIRTY BEACHES is the solo project of a certain Alex Zhang Hungtai. The best way to describe it is to throw the following image identifiers in your face: Rockabilliy, David Lynch, Good Girls gone Bad, Cigarettes, Hot Rods,Alan Vega and Suicide travelling back in time to make music in the 1950’s then sending it forward in time through ghost radio signals, and LOTS of red dirt scratching the grooves of the record.

Yup that sounds the best thing ever doesn’t it? He has his debut album, “Badlands”, this month and i seriously recommend that you get it. Or i will get my slightly autistic friend to hack into your PC and wipe all your porn and illegally downloaded films, OK?


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