Music Moment: Common Eider, King Eider, “when we sewed skins”

02 Mar


Wow my body feels especially heavy and lumbering this evening. That’ll teach me to go and do stupid things, such as venturing to the gym and lifting weights. I think i may have got some kind of dioxin poisoning from being too near people who were wearing  FAR too much fake tan and make up  while they were exercising. I seriously do not get that. It would be like going for a jog in you work shoes. But no matter as their filthy toxins and facial cosmetic poisons have seeped into my skin and i envision multiple organ shutdown by tomorrow. Or sore arms, whichever comes quickest…..

Well last night’s mix turned out to be rather popular apparently. At first i thought it was down to such ludicrous things, like the variety of track choice, or my soft echoed dulcet tones. But no, it turned out my benevolent sugar daddy, a Mr Warren Ellis posted the mix on his blog. Lo and behold, 215 listens in 24 hours! The internet jesus really can work miracles! I thank ye Uncle Warren…

As for tonight, i fancy something a little malevolent. A bit of drone and dark ambient, a slab of noise, and topped off with a thick layers of unease and despair. Luckily i have just the thing in COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER, the latest project of Badgerlore and Deerhoof ex member Robert Fisk. With lots of slow panning shots of high imposing skyscrapers and abandoned, this is definitely what you need to set your teeth on edge (especially when the noise kicks in…)


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