Music Dump: PS I Love You, “Meet Me At The Muster Station”

03 Mar

Having realised i’ve rather neglected my blogging duties, i haven’t managed to do a music dump for a couple of weeks now. A sure sign of constipation you’d agree. So let’s get that laxative i there and push out a lovely golden music nugget for you all  to share.

So this week, i thought I’d go down the old heavy melodic indie rock route with a sparky Canadian duo. PS I LOVE YOU hail from Kingston, Ontario, which i believe is what people from North America refer to as a “College Town”. It is also the place where Canadian music gods The Tragically Hip happen to originate. But before we start sanctions and a no-fly zone against the city, there is hope in the form of these guys.

Being a Guitar/Drum duo, they play that full tilt balls-out rocking indie sound, of course with the pre-requisite yelps and slightly emo-fied songs about breaking up with your girl and having no friends when you’re a teenager (at least i think that’s what they were singing about…). But of course this is superior grade riffage and noise that can get your juices flowing, no mistake.

If you don’t believe me, then try these songs out….


If you like what you hear, then you can try Meet me at the muster station HERE

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