Music Moment:The Dears, “Omega Dog”

07 Mar


Ok after recovering from my horrific mauling at the hands of the Icelandic customs department, I’ve managed to regain some of my faculties. Have written two reviews, to be checked, trimmed and sent off tomorrow. Also managed to send off a missive to Simon Reynolds’ Blog about some of my favourite guitar solos ever. Actually it was a lot more difficult to come up with some example that i originally thought. and when it came to Icelandic examples, i couldn’t even think of one song that had a blinding guitar solo of some form. Can anyone help me out with that? i promise i will consider buying them a pint (and that is also if the solo is worth mentioning…)

As for tonight’s music , i was veering towards some form of Appalachian drone music, but then this appeared on YouTube’s suggested list and it’s a damn fine song. THE DEARS are the apparently grizzled warhorses of the Canadian indie music scene. It’s got that… dunno… that something about it. Very soulful falsetto vocals and sharp choppy guitar lines with a nice chugga funk beat. I found myself involuntarily head bobbing to this  after a couple of minutes. Daymmmm!


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