Received Goods: “Rósa” (or… how the Icelandic customs service are worse than the Russian Mafia & the Illuminati combined)

07 Mar

I received a lovely package in the post today. It was the latest release from Hljóðaklettar records, “Rósa”. A specially crafted collection of art, comics, videos and music from 19 female artists. Normally i don’t buy physical music from abroad as i often buy my music online in a download format (as well as other reasons, which i shall come to later). But the Hljóðaklettar guys are known for their quality and so it was too good an opportunity to pass. Plus they hadn’t bothered to send a free copy over to the Grapevine where i could get my hands on it.

so this is what i collected from the Post office.

Once i opened the package, a box awaited me… to a Mr CLUENESS??? who is this person? (that’s ok Sabrina, i forgive you…)

Open the box and I’m confronted with an array of stickers, badges and a special tin that contains my prize!

And inside the tin? Well it appears to be a device that could be either a plastic tampon, or a sex toy for a Dwarf. Either way, it contains the mythical USB that stores my bounty. Incidentally, Mrs Sex Farm thought that the USB stick was very cool, but she has enough sex toys thank you very much….

It was a sweet, sweet feeling to finally have it in my hands…. no thanks to the nefarious actions of the FUCKING ICELANDIC CUSTOMS SERVICE!! Once again my package was held up at the border as i was forced to pay and extra “tax” on top of it. Rósa cost me 4000ISK (approx $35) to buy. Icelandic customs then charged me a tax at 25.5%, plus a toll “fee”, PLUS and additional “handling Fee”. Yup that’s right, like Iceland’s crooked banks, i was charged money for them charging me money! When i finally got the receipt, i found out that they had actually got their sums wrong and overcharged me on the tax as well. It certainly doesn’t bode well for keeping drugs and harmful meat substances from crossing our border, when they can’t even work a fucking calculator. In the end they charged me 2000ISK, 50% of the cover price. For at least 2 hours this gave me a horrendous suicidally depressed angry fugue state. I think i may have killed a puppy in that time but i can’t be sure.

All this means that Rósa is now officially my most expensive music purchase yet. THis thing had better make me some bacon and eggs tomorrow morning,

As for the music? Well here’s a sneak peek. First we have the track “Moment (before Sundown)” by Björk Viggosdóttir

Oh and here’s another teaser – “Portal to Portal” by YarleN

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