Music Moment: Tropic of Cancer, “Be Brave”

09 Mar


Sorry people. Just feeling on a massive downer today for no reason. Well, okay, there are always reasons, but they are too inconsequential to go into her. needless to say, i didn’t do anything of note today, and it’s taken the last vestiges of my positive energy to write this post. I promise i will do a lot better tomorrow. Some free downloads or something. That always make everyone happy…

As for tonight’s track, i came across this little jewel while researching tracks for my next mix in a couple of weeks (note: it may be highly listenable) . TROPIC OF CANCER are a US duo that make that desolate hollowed out post punk style of music that is more fitting to Manchester, Leeds or Sheffield circa 1982. Their debut single “Victim” is now sold out, and this one  is going fast. Alas it’s only available in Vinyl (bastards) but i may be forced to buy it anyway and then find a way to rip it somehow. Until then here is the lead track to their latest 10″, Be brave. Remember that when you are snowed under at work and feeling empty and unloved, we all eventually die someday. Hurrah!


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