Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Music! so free, it’s, like practically naked and stuff…

10 Mar

Right now I’m not feeling my best. I can sense my faculties slowly ebbing away from me as i try not to tear my vocal chords in coughing fits. Damn, being a living human being is so tough. But even on my death-bed, i still have you, my greedy, selfish, good-for-nothing “Readers” foremost in my mind and my heart. And i want you out of there, NOW! It seems the only way i can do that is to toss a few scraps of free music your way in the hope that you’ll leave me alone. So here goes nothing…..

The first of tonights picks is Californian group Ghost House with their “Division” EP. Now they have tagged themselves with the zeitgeist-y moniker Witch House, but i think they’re too clean and echoey to be really called that. More like dark ambient goth pop with some heavy echo and delay abuse. But it all sounds rather nice, spooky and cavernous. definitely good for a quick spin or two….


Right Enough of all that spooky spectral shit. We need GUITARS goddammit! Oh, what’s this? it’s only the demo release from Grammar. A 4-piece from Washington DC they play that nice , noisy math rock guitar squall with clattering drums. all perfectly services with decent chorus. Sounds a little bit like Sudden Weather Change on a slightly more melodic day. Either way for a free EP, this is defintely wrth a shot.


But maybe you don’t want guitar rock and gothpop you say. Perhaps i want some fearful, icy, desolate dark ambient noise with which to scare myself at night while playing online computer games. Well then i have just the thing for you! Malibu Wands is a pseudonym for dark organic musician Pink Priest and on this 25 minutes track, he creates atmospheric music that’s just dying to be heard in a cave, or even better on your headphones while tripping balls under the crevice of a glacier.  It’s just feels really cold in my flat now listening to this. I need to put another jumper on…


Last (and definitely not least) is the EP “Myrrh & Myth” from Golau Glau. they describe themselves as “an anonymous group of people who collectively create silverpop.  ”Golau” rhymes with “Doll Eye” and “Glau” rhymes with “Eye” too. Or “Cry””. Their sound is a rather quirky take on electronic folk pop with church hymn overtones (“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is a classic example, almost having a  . On a certain level, they have a similarity to the Likes of JJ; but they feel more energetic,  better even. Another good addition to the collection of obscure English electronic music that i have on my hard drive.


OK that should be enough to get those bloody freeloaders of my back so i can down and hear my chest give out this weird distinctive “death rattle” sound

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