Music Moment: Iannis Xenakis, “Empreintes”

10 Mar


I’m going to go now to try to get some sleep now. i sincerely hope i feel much better tomorrow. I hate feeling crap. It means that you’ll be the one getting left behind in the cold arctic wastes to die so that the group are ensured survival or something. I WANT TO LIVE DAMMIT!

To continue that feeling of foreboding, I’m going to need something ominous for my music tonight. and i need to go classical! No wait really! I found this track, as per usual, by chance while surfing the aural waves on YouTube searching for pieces on Stockhausen and Ligeti. IANNIS XENAKIS was a greek/French composer, architect, and music theorist and was considered one of the eminent Post War avant-garde composers. Now i don’t know about that, but what i do know is that this piece from his 1975 work fo the same name has everything i want. It was a swirling single note drone at the beginning, led by a series of brass instruments, before it provides a lot of high tension soundtrack qualities that wouldn’t be amiss from the Soundtrack to say Alien or the Shining. I need to get more into classical music. Hey, i may even make my brain bigger!


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