Music Dump: The Soft Moon, “S/T”

11 Mar

So here i am at home, laid up with a throat that will disintegrate if i dare venture into the cold air outside, allied with the sore head and body feebleness that means i’M like a defenceless kitten. In fact, my cat actually managed to pin me to the floor this morning, meowing “WHO’S THE DADDY NOW, BITCH??”. I need to do something about that bloody cat…

So this afternoon after reading, eating soup and generally being bored, I’ve decided to lay a small music dump larvae, a bit like a queen ant. And this wriggling little maggot of music this week is the self titled release from THE SOFT MOON.

It’s no surprise that over the past year, my music tastes have gone on a bit of a post-punk style journey, navigating the infinitesimal groups of bands and artists from the early 80’s that put out so much weird and varied music that, if we’re being honest, for their inventiveness and risk taking kind of puts a lot of what gets released these days to shame. Now of course, there are many modern bands who are also influenced by this period of music and a classic band in this case is THE SOFT MOON, a group hailing from San Francisco. Their music seems to have been surgically and temporality removed from 1982 and placed in 2010. Their whole sound is submersed in gloomy aesthetics and with minimal scratchy guitar lines, booming phased bass sounds and insect screaming synth noises, pretty much stamps “PROTO GOTH POST PUNK” in big letter on your forehead. you can hear the likes of Joy Division, early Cure,  and all those motorik rhythms that propel their sound along.

Now you can argue that this band is simply a pastiche. And in a way you’re right, why listen to these guys when you can just listen to the originals? But these guys manage to take that sound and feel and make it seem fresh, almost relevant to these times. And I´m not sure how many band out there can sound as sickly and doomy as these guys. If you do have some ideas, then please drop me a line, I’d be really interested.

So “The Soft Moon” is a perfect album to listen to while pondering the general futility of your existence. And when it’s finished, you can then go to the pub and have a drink with your mates.

you can listen to “the Soft Moon” HERE

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