Music Moment: Massive Attack, “Teardrop”

15 Mar


Am about to take a quick bath doped up with a new batch of painkillers and anti inflammatorys which in conjunction with hot water should hopefully kickstart my body into realising that it’s supposed to have an immune a system. Tomorrow will be a new day.

As for tonight’s music moment, this popped into my head thanks to a tweet from fellow music writer and photographer Paul Sullivan, who did a quick twitter review of James Blakes debut album, saying that it sounded great on headphones but pretty shit on a stereo. I posited in a reply the idea that while people mention dubstep when talking about Mr Blake, his lead single “Limit to Your Love” actually had bugger all dubstep in it and sounded eerily similar to the classic trip hop/dub track “teardrop” from MASSIVE ATTACK’S 1998 album (and their last decent one) “Mezzanine”. The phrase “Hardcore Continuum” was also mentioned and we all heartily cheered about how current and downright analytical we were.


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