Music Moment: The Associates, “A Matter of Gender (Peel Session)”

17 Mar


OK i seem to be slowly getting more like my old self, which is not necessarily a good thing. But I am now back to listening to Icelandic music FTPOR (for the purposes of reviewing), and some of it is surprisingly good, although one album has literally given me soul cancer. I had to get an aural chemo with a dose of early cure and the latest single from Factory Floor before i could stop the weeping, going “FUUUUCKING WHYYYY????”.

But on a lighter note, I have now managed to link up, via twitter, with the lovely Nanna Árnradóttir who writes about music and her cocaine kókómjólk addiction hell for Iceland Review online. Go there now and send her mucky pictures invloving furries and squid. She likes that kind of stuff allegedly.

And speaking of sexy, tonight’s music comes from a scottish post-punk band who tried to bring some old gamour back to the boring 80’s music scene. THE ASSOCIATES were founded by two guys, Billy MacKenzie and Alan Rankine. Together they made sharp, angular post punk that slowly morphed into Uber-Grandiose pop music, helped and abeited by Billy’s wildly theatrical opera-style crooning voice. Their later stuff is particularly grand (their second album Fourth Drawer Down is a must have to your collection), but tonights track is a peel session of a song from their debut album. The album version is good, but in this instance, they go hell for leather (possibly laced with some naughty amphetamines i’d imagine) with slicing guitar riffs and high pitched yelps and howls all over the shop. It’s the sort of performance that you don’t forget in a hurry.


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