Icelandic Music: Bjössi Biogen Tributes & Concert….

18 Mar

Evening there. Am off to work in two hours (Make sure you all behave tonight), but i just thought I’d post a couple of things about the passing of beloved Icelandic Artist Biogen.

– My foreign correspondent Ragnar Egilsson (who ironically has been in Iceland for the last few months), wrote a great obituary piece about Biogen in the latest issue of the Reykjavik Grapevine. A good place to get  some background on what the guy did and his impact on the music scene.

– There is also a big tribute concert for biogen tomorrow evening at the Tjarnabío theatre, starting at 6pm. It costs 1000ISK a ticket, but when you have such acts as Andre & Árni Vector, Yagya, Stereo Hypnosis, Skurken, Bix,
Futuregrapher, Oculus , Quadruplos, Ruxpin, Agzilla, Tanya & Marlon (formerly of Anoymous, now of PLX),  Frank Murder, Orang Volante, Tonik, Thor (Ajax Tribute) and Mummi (Video Artist), then 1000ISK is but a mere drop in the ocean for electronic music talent.

You know what to do. I urge you all to go there and give him a good sending off. I hope to be there too before i heard off to deal with foolish drunken orcs…

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