Music Dump: Robots In Disguise.

23 Mar

Evening All….

Well apologies for not posting yesterday as for some reason the whole of WordPress was down, making blogging impossible. This though is probably a good thing as it meant i could forego the process of sullying my brain and intellect just to keep you braying hyenas happy.

but that was Yesterday and today i am now ready to resume the flow of bullshit. And as it’s been nearly 2 weeks since that last one, i think a music dump is needed don’t we? so for this week I’m giving you not one but TWO albums from a cheeky little electro punk duo named ROBOTS IN DISGUISE!

A UK duo who work under the monikers of Dee Plume and Sue Denim (unsurprisingly not their real names), they make feisty electronic pop tunes with noisy guitars, weird outfits, Adam Ant style face paint and shouty female words that describe teenage boy crushes, girl band break ups and DJ meltdowns. At times resembling an electroclash mix of Tiga, The Sneaker Pimps (well their Producers was one of the founding members). and the Slits, it’s all good knock about fun and not that taxing to the ears. I even remember seeing this lot play at Iceland Airwaves 2008 (even skipping out halfway through a set by Vampire Weekend!) and they were a total glorious mess, especially with their big hair and nasty looking leggings.

In this dump are their first two albums “Robots in Disguise” and “get RID!”. the definitely high point of the first album is the track “Boys”, while the second album is a lot more focused with more hits like “Turn it up”. I recommend that you give them a try and see if you can dance to them while drinking tequila. It surely works for me…


You can try Robots in Disguise HERE

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